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"Screensaver" for Ikea RGB-lights?

Have my Ring Doorbell connected to Homey - and some flows triggered by that, such as flashing the lights in certain rooms where it’s difficult to hear the alarm, lowering the volume on Sonos (when integration is working :wink: ) and setting a multicolor screensaver on Homey just for showing off…

Have a couple of Ikea RGB-bulbs in a flower-pot in the yard - and got this idea if it is possible to use RGB-bulbs the same way - that is, make a flow that triggers some kind of color/brightness sequence on the RGB-bulbs and then return to the previous state…
Sure, it can be done with a number of Better Logic-variables, a lot of flow cards, perhaps including the Transitions-app etc - but then again - maybe someone had already found a super-clever and easy way to do it? (Alternatively: Did the hard work fine tuning flows and variables and are willing to share their flows…)