Scene activation with roller shutter switches possible?

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Sorry for my english, I’m french and I use my school english to write this post.
To try the Homey box I start to connect one Fibaro roller shutter 2 device, it works!
But I want to trigger a flow with 2 click on the S1 or S2 switch but I can’t choose it to start a flow.
In my Fibaro HC2 I can access to parameter 50 for activate “Scene activation”, but in the Homey I don’t have access to this parameter. That is the problem?

So it’s possible to trigger a flow in Homey with S1 or S2 switch of a roller shutter 2?

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You can change every parameter.
Go to the device setting scroll down to "Raw configuration Parameter

Hello Harold,

I also switched from HC2 to Homey about half a year ago and I definitely do not regret it so far. I hope you can say the same after a certain training period.

But to your problem. Actually there is no SceneActivation possible with the RS2 at the moment. I haven’t noticed that yet, because I don’t really need SceneActivation with the RS2.
The problem is that the app developers, in this case Athom, did not always integrate all device settings and/or triggers. Why? I do not know.
Device settings can still be done with a raw configuration, but for the triggers there is no possibility (at least I don’t know any).

The only thing you can do now is to submit a so called “Feature Request” to Athom (link) and wait when Athom integrates the feature.
I will also contact Athom in the hope that it will be given higher priority.

There is no possibility to choose SceneActivation in the Wenn… / If… section.

Thanks a lot guys for your answers! Hoo it’s bad that it’s not possible to do that because I love this function! I have 5 or 6 scene with that in my HC2/HC3.

I don’t really understand how “raw configuration works”, is there a manual or something else to describe it?

So fantross what do you think of the Homey vs the HC2? I have HC2 and HC3 but there is many many bug with the actual software of the HC3 so I decide to test the Homey (I want to change my “old” HC2). I think there is lots of app/plugin that can make Homey very powerful vs HC3. And HC3 it’s a bit difficult sometimes to setup. But I’m scared that the Homey is limited to make “big” house with many many devices, and advanced flow…

Thanks a lot guys!

You are right! So, there is a Bug in the Fibaro App?!
For Double Switch and Dimmer 2 there are Scenes available. But not for RS2 and RS3!

Scene activation flow cards need to be implemented manually by the developer, i guess the developer that added the drivers did not add those flow cards (they will always show, even if scene activation isn’t on, then they just don’t work).
So not a bug, just not implemented and needs a feature request.

Raw Configuration: Gear - Advanced Settings - Raw Configuration Parameters - ID,Size,Value
E.g. activation of SceneActivation

That doesn’t mean that you have access to SceneActivation now, unfortunately the Fibaro app from Athom has to be adapted for this!

HC2 or Homey? My choice is definitely Homey.
But I can’t say that everything works fine with Homey (see above).
The big advantage of Homey is the enormous compatibility, which is realized with the many apps. But at the same time this can also be a problem. The majority of the apps are programmed by private persons. So there is no guarantee that the apps of the private persons will be developed further or fixed.
One advantage of this model is that theoretically anyone can program an app and thus the portfolio is constantly being expanded. Here is a link where you can make requests to the community for new apps:

Can you make a “big” house smart with Homey? Difficult question. I have about 75 Z-Wave devices, a Hue Bridge with 9 lamps, Sonos speakers, Nuki Smartlock and Opener, IKEA Tradfri curtains and 2, 3 other devices. But some here in the community also have over 100 Z-Wave devices. But you should take the Homey Pro.

Advanced Flows: That was also my worry. But I have created more and more complex flows with Homey in a much shorter time than with the HC2. But I have to say that I am not a Lua professional. For more complex Lua scenes I had to rely on the community, but I was able to customize them mostly by myself.
In principle you can compare Homey Flows with Fibaro Block scenes, but for me the creation of flows is more intuitive and easier. But if you want to copy complex Lua scenes (e.g. shutter flow with sun protection and door open detection) you have to create these scenes with multiple flows. You should consider from the beginning how you want to name the flows. But there are also some postings here in the community.
You can also create scenes/flows with the Homey Script App, but I can’t say anything about that.

But as already said: Homey :+1:t3:

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My feature request is sent out… :mailbox:

Ok, thanks a lot!