Save insights on external source

Been using the device for about a week. Installed around 20 apps, all of which I need.

I’m now at 2% free mem, making the device very unstable.

To save on memory would it be an idea to save insights on like a SMB or NFS share? Or somewhere in the cloud?

Memory is something else then storage, i don’t think your storage is already full with only 20 apps in such a short amount of time.
I think you are talking about the (RAM) Memory which is (only) 512MB, and will get allocated fully by the operating system, even with only 2 apps installed, that is just how linux works with its available memory and is completely normal.

But if you want to save insight data you can click the ... icon on the insight page behind any capability of a device, and select Download.
or use this app to save all insights as an csv file.

If homey is already unstable, then there is something else wrong, and you can better take contact with, as this is just a Community Forum.

I understand!

Part of the instability is my AP resetting every night, most devices reconnect without issues, Homey doesn’t… So i turned off the scheduled reset.

Another thing is the 433mhz controller becoming unresponsive, trying to figure out what’s going on there…

Athom is currently rewriting the 433 mhz chip as it can crash in certain situations, should be fixed with homey fw 2.0
As long as 2.0 isn’t live yet, you can fix it by removing the power from homey for atleast 30 seconds

For your wifi issue, that should have been fixed some time ago, if you keep having it, try making contact with so athom can help directly.

You can make a flow on Homey that reboots Homey 5 minutes later then your AP. It should reconnect fine then. You will need to have Candy installed for that.

@PetervdK thanks 4 the tip on Candy, very useful!

@Caseda I fixed it by changing Homey’s location, it was in a deadspot

Soon available in the appstore as beta