Save a register of devices configuration

Is there any App or method to save from time to time the configuration of all or some devices and keep record for consulting during any flow?

What do you mean by

consulting during any flow?

Something like if … and DeviceX setting is Y then … ?

There is a backup system in the pipeline. For now it’s not possible to backup ur devices . There is an app to backup ur flows tho.
Now plz don’t ask when the backup system will be ready because we simply don’t know.

exactly, let’s make an example
I have several devices testing the security of a house.
Some MUST be satisfied (i.e. doors)
some others not necessarily, i.e. if I forget to close a window before leaving the house it may not matter under some circumstances

So for this latter class of devices I MUST check the condition of alarm only for the devices which Do change their configuration while the system is armed to detect an alarm condition

Thanks for anybody who can help

So you basically want to check the status of a window (or door) whem arming your alarm?
Assuming it’s Homey based, did you look at Heimdall

It has a configurable pre-arming check that triggers a flow card when the Surveillance Mode is set.

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It seams it was exactly what I was looking for
thanks for suggestion
NOw I need to study and then implement in my system
Certainly it looks much easier I was trying to do

thanks for your contribution

Hello Danee
on the settings page of Heimdall I find only movement detection sensors
How can I add hardware switches detecting doors/windows open/Close status?
IN my Homey they are implemented through the Fibaro universal binary-sensor and are already present in the devices list but can’t find in Heimdall settings

Heimdall recognizes devices that have the alarm_motion or alarm_contact capability, if your fibaro binairy sensors are not listed automaticaly in Heimdalls settings they probably have a different capability. I don’t have these devices so I can’t test myself.
Maybe someone with this sensor type can tell what capability they support?
What type of flow cards are available, maybe that can hint on the capability?

FIBARO Universal Binary Sensor is a wireless module allowing to improve the functionality of any wired sensor with a binary output by adding Z-Wave network communication.

They are just input binary sensors that are hardware connected to the magnetic switches on the doors/windows
They sense if any switch is open or close.
Each binary sensor has two inputs for two switches.

That was the only way I could connect the magnetic sensors on the doors/windows to Homey

Forgot to say that flow cards they support is just open close status or the change from on to off and viceversa

That doesn’t yet make it clear enough what capability it uses.

@Caseda do you know what capability is used by the Fibaro Binairy Sensor in the way @stepic7 uses it?

Heimdall cycles to all devices and checks for alarm_contact in device capabilities but the Fibaro Binairy Sensor is not found to support that capability.

I understand,
probably @Caseda could answer the question
Is it possible to add the capability alarm_contact to each binary input of the Fibaro binary sensor?

If you change the driver yourself, sure.
I’m not gonna do it for the general driver, as within homey and zwave devices currently I would need to add every possible contact/alarm type to make all people happy.
For zwave devices there is just no way to choose during pairing unless it’s a socket type, which is a default homey thing, not app related.
That’s about 12 capabilities (times 2), so not going to happen.

Easier is to create 2 virtual devices, each for every input, and couple them together with flows.

That’s a good idea
I added a virtual device Class “Home alarm” of the many capabilities

only the one with

How do I use this device?
I mean the switch will always be open as if there was motion detection when the window is open

If I also select Capability ON/OFF it does not have meaning to Heimdall, since all sensors are seen as motion sensors, therefore I canNOT be acknowledged if a door is open or close:

and finally how should the flow work to say to Heimdall the status is changed?

The flow card to set the state of a Virtual Motion sensor isn’t functioning in version 0.7.3 of the Virtual Devices app, it is fixed in version 0.7.4 but that one has not been released to the app store yet.