Rythum Smart Switch alternative?

Does anyone know of a better (or cheaper) off-the-shelf dashboard solution that works with Homey than the Rythum Switch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd2J7tbjZjU

If you write better, what “better” are you looking for?

I use the ns panel pro, which need some software modding to make it usable as a “normal” android tablet. It has the same form factor. As software I am using Smartdash which makes it possible to create your own dashboard. Might be less sophisticated, but since the developer is adding new functionality on request, more things will be possible.

I also placed a preorder for button+, which should be available per October. There is also a Homey app available, which will make it possible to define your own layout en button functionality. This has also a same form factor.

Both options are around € 100.