Roof window (velux) and window sensor

Guys, anyone has velux on the roof? Did someone managed to fit windows sensor on it? I’m thinking about it but cannot decide which one (most likely aeotec 6). Velux (roof window in general) is quite specific, millimeter are problematic as it can turn 360°.

If someone already did it, care to share a pic?

I just put a Xiaomi Aqara sensor on it.
The magnet is turned 90° , but that’s no problem.

Opening the window ist no problem, too - if it’s a window like in the picture.
You don’t only turn the window around. You also swing it out. Then it’s enough space to turn the window for cleaning the outside glass.

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Thnx for the picture. I also have two axis, central and side axis but mine is this new generation that has really tight spacing between window and frame. Nontheless, if this worked for you I will do a test also. I have those same Aqara, I’ll temporarily tape them with some sticky tape and see if I’ll be able to rotate. I don’t think I will be able like you are, I really doubt it as I thing my gen does not have those out movement only circular.

I’ll try to post whatever I eventually managed to do.

I definitely cannot use Aqara but I think I’ll go with sensative strip They are really thin and from the look of it they should fit the gaps I have between frame and window.

I just received and install Sensitive strip guard. For now I’m quite satisfied.