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Roborock app

:+1: If you need someone else to test it as well, feel free to let me know. I’m pretty good at breaking stuff lol

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Sure but i’m not sure how this works lol… First time publishing something, i’m ad trial and error mode currently. Is there a way I can invite people to test this? Or do you need the files for a CLI install?

That last one is tricky since there are going to be multiple versions out there… I’ll look into it!

Don’t have a clue to be honest, i know that after an app has been added to the store you can put a testversion out as well, but unsure if you can do that before it enters the store.

@martijnpoppen Any clue if that is possible?

Maybe you can find some more information about zonecleaning, map and coordinates here:


It works (most of the time) in IObroker (my current test setup as a workaround), so might give you some insights.

Thank you! I am going to do that next!
Firstly focusing on how to get this puppy stable and find out if you can test it with me, next ‘update’ is zone and coordinates.

Sure, first get a stable release out is the best way forward, then add more and more nice features :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for information, just let me know, think i’ve pretty much found every solution out there, but since i’m not a dev i’ve never tried to setup my own app so far, but have tried pretty much every workaround with the s7 lol

But no stable ‘Go to location’ and ‘Start zone cleanup’ soo far with Homey?

Kinda have that working now through IObroker, but the iobroker setup itself ain’t really stable in my opinion, but could also be because of my “complicated” server/VM setup and the mqtt triggers i use from homey to control the IObroker server/apps

Okay well we dig into that later. Thanks for your help soo far.

Sure, no problem, if there’s anything i can do to help, feel free to send me a DM (en dat mag ook in het nederlands :wink: )

Very cool Justin.
I think you can publish your app on the independent Community Store for starters/testing


If you are a developer, and want to add your app to the Homey Community Store please send me
a message in our Slack channel

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Well theres not that much to test. Since it has not have any complicated flow cards, I was able to test each function this night when I was a sleep, using logging and push messages.

Right now supporting:

  • Start cleaning (action)

  • Stop cleaning (action)

  • Go to charger (action)

  • Say hello (action)

  • Set vacuum mode (action) Last test to be sure

  • Is working (and card)

  • Is currently … (and card)

  • Status changed to … (trigger)

  • Battery level above … (trigger)

  • Battery level below … (trigger)

  • Battery level changed (trigger)

  • Status changed (trigger)

These are the easiest triggers that I will publish first. In the next release:

Split up the models
In the list with addable devices I will split up the ‘Roborock robot’ device into the models such as ‘S7’. This way it’s easier to track which devices are supported and it’s easier to add or remove mopping functions from the actions.

Add zone cleanup
This function will allow you to start a zone cleanup, if possible by zone name that you may set in the Xiaomi app. This prevents searches for coordinates.

Go to point
Not much needed to explain here. This WILL work on coodinates.

Mopping mode
Setup if the mop will be used or not, at this moment only on the S7.

Mopping water intensity
Setup how many water the mop will get.

Watertank cards
See if the watertank is currently attched or not.

Once my experimental app is approved I will create a new topic regarding this app.


I’m also interested

Good work! @Justin
I am willing to support you with some beer if it helps :slight_smile:

I think Pin to Go is essential for my purposes

Short update: the app is working fine, i’ve been using it for a while now. I had a few points Athom wants me to look at before they are willing to publish the app (only texts en images for the store, that’s all). I will fix those things on very short notice and re-publish it for review.


This thread is exactly what I was hoping to find, having just bought an S7, what a dream come true. Many thanks Justin. Happy to help if you need, for example with translations (I’m Swedish).

fre 16 juli 2021 kl. 21:53 skrev Justin via Homey Community Forum <athom@discoursemail.com>:

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I moved this discussion to a new thread. This is going a little bit off topic here, soo it’s time to create a topic dedicated to the new app.


The new app is now released by Athom. Please visit the new thread for all updates.

Please send me a DM about this, I will send a translation file to you.