Risco Agility House Alarm integration using X10

I have a Risco Agility home alarm system with the optional wireless I/O “Home Automation” module fitted.

Originally I connected the Fibaro IO board to the outputs on the Home Automation module with the plan to connect it up to the Fibaro Home Centre 2.

As Homey has X10 support built in it seems more logical to give it a go with that now.

I selected the Homey X10.2 app to try and connect up to the Risco module. The module set-up instructions state “Connect the X10 controller cable to the RJ11 connector located on the Wireless I/O module PCB”

I’ve never looked at or used X10 before, what’s an “X10 controller cable” when Homey is involved?

Hi Welcome,

As the Homey X10.2 app has it’s own thread you are probably beter of asking in that threat.
For What I know X10 has bot a Wireless as Wired implementations.
Don’t know wher you read about the RJ11 cable but the App speaks about a wireless signal on ~433 Mhz.

besides that the App implements at this moment only the most basic functions like On/Off and DIM so please read what it supports and check that your module complies.

the fact that two devices speak the same protocol is not automatically that they can be connected the way you maybe expect.