Risco Agility alarm (Feenstra)

Hi there,

I have a Risco Agility home alarm system (from Dutch company Feenstra) and I’m wondering if it’s possible to link the different parts of the alarm (motion sensors, open door/window detection, etc.) to my Homey. For instance, the are several magnetic contacts from Risco (RWT72X) which use frequencies 868,65 MHz / 433,92 MHz to communicate. I don’t see an App for Risco, are the other possibilities to link them?

Thanks in advance!


I have the lightsys2, so very curious if you find solution or have any tips

There is a Risco smarthome module that works with z-wave i did try that with my heater in the bathroom and that did work with Risco so i think it must be possible to connect it with the Homey