Ring Doorbell v1 + Imagegrabber


Sorry if this has been asked before, but cant find any clear info around the topic.
Is there anyone that is actually grabbing images from Ring Doorbell v1, and if so, what is the url to grab from ?


Nope, its not possible at least not at this moment. Ring using a very closed api.

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Bummer, I’ve been seeing some stuff on github regarding this and it seems like someone has cracked it (at least earlier on)… But my skillset does not include coding so I don’t understand it… Haha. Well, I’ll try to digg some more and see if I can figure something out. Thanks for your reply.

You can always contact the devolper of the app, with your request.

Yes, I’ve made a comment on github. I see there are one other that have requested this feature.

That’d be a point for me to not buying it. What shall I Do with a cam when it’s not usable via stream or at least an image ?

I installed a ring doorbel and chime.
In the flowcards you can choose snap shot.
What can I do with that? Homey 2.1

I was also looking into buying ring and this was a deal breaker for me. I bought doorbird insted. Until now I’m satisfied.

Just brought back Ring and ordered Doorbird as well. Let’s see how that will work out…

Once you get it and all is up and running have a look here for the homey connection. DoorBird App

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In simple words, you can take a picture. And send that for example with telegram to your Phone. But its not working at the moment. As you can read on the github page, (link on the app store) Looks like ring has blokked the api.