Ring Doorbell 2

So I have a Ring Doorbell 2 I added, all good, so when someone presses the doorbell I get a picture and speakers let me know.
I also have a mailbox just outside my door, with a Z-wave sensor in it, I added a flow so when the sensor is triggered by mail, the camera takes a picture and sends to me “you got mail”
Just that in the doorbell there is only one “tag” “image” since I use that tag to both vistors and mail both triggers on any flow.
My question is, can you add more tags to Homey? or is it up to the developer of apps? Now when I get mail I get 2 notifications “you got mail” “you got a visitor” and only way to solve it is by tags?

Br /Danne

Pretty sure its your flows that cause that behaiviour, can you share your flows?

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so I have these two for visitors

Can only add two links in one post since I am new to forum :stuck_out_tongue:

then these two for mail

Flow 1

When the MAIL zwave sensor is triggered

THEN start a timer “pending doorbell” and take a picture

Flow 2

When the doorbell rings

And the timer “pending doorbell” is running

Then “there is someone at the door”, reset countdown and send picture

Flow 3

When the countdown reaches 0

Then send notification “there is mail” and include picture

Hi Hannes,

So how do I configure the Countdown app?

I added a name in it to “Pending Doorbell” but under seconds, what time do I need or should use?
Thanks in advance.

My preference would be to create a variable and set it to one value when the mailbox triggers and another value when doorbell rings.
then in the flow that triggers when a picture is ready you can check the variable to see which action to take.

This is entirely up to you and your situation. If your pathway from the mailbox sensor to the door is a couple of meters and people that intend to press the doorbell will always be there within 30 seconds then 30 seconds is enough as a timer. If your pathway is 1000m and people take 10 minutes to reach the doorbell once the mailbox sensor has been tripped you need to adjust the countdown to a longer interval.

This would still give you two pictures when someone presses the doorbell because first the variable will send out the mail picture and then a doorbell picture if the doorbell is pressed. You need to work with a delay in this case, hence the countdown proposal

For the Countdown app u don’t set seconds when adding a timer. U decide how many seconds it will run in ur flows. Just add the name of the timer and do the rest in ur flows.

Ow I misread the question. Indeed, in the countdown app you only add the timer name. The value is pushed through the actual flow every time it is triggered. Thanks Roco!

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But the person at the door might be different to the one at the mail box :wink:
Also the way the Ring doorbell app works you can’t send the picture immediately. There is an action to start the picture capture and a trigger when it is ready. So the reason for two pictures it that both of the picture ready flows get triggered for each event.

So by using a variable the picture ready trigger knows which action triggered it/

Countdown timer wont let me save unless I add seconds or a tag

It doesn’t matter what seconds you add there, for now only the name is important.

In the countdown flow card you will overwrite that value anyway.

Okey, Flow 2, how can I add reset Countdown in Then? I have “Start” “Adjust” “stop”

Stop countdown timer

Or you can do it manually (the geeky way :));

Adjust countdown timer to -1

In fact you don’t need any variables or a timer. You just have one flow for when the image is captured that sends it to you phones.
All the information about the notification is sent in the original flows so all the snapshot is grabbed flow has to do is send the picture.

Still you need some kind of logic or timing Adrian. The mail sensor is ALWAYS triggered because people that intend to push the doorbell trigger the mail sensor. This requires a timing to be implemented to append a possible doorbell press and overrule the mail flow.

Then my best guess would be ur not using the Countdown app but another app

Why? He said the mailbox was outside the door. So someone will either put mail in the mailbox OR ring the doorbell.
He has the original flows setup to to send the relevant messages when either one is triggered but the issue is he has two flows that send pictures when an image is ready but only needs one.