Ring Doorbell 2

Correct, its 1m between the mail box and the Doorbell, but since I use the same tag, it trigges both when “use current snap” so when someone opens the mailbox it triggers both, i get 2 messages “you got mail” and “you have a visitor”
Either way, I guess I am to stupid to the get the counter thing to work :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s the case I misread the initial request but still you can use the flows mentioned with countdown to send based on the trigger :slight_smile:.

Or if the mail sensor is only triggered when specifically doing something in the mail box you can say;

Flow 1;
When image is grabbed

AND mailbox sensor is triggered

THEN send “you’ve got mail”

Flow 2;
When image is grabbed

AND mailbox sensor is NOT triggered

THEN send “someone at the door”

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I’m fairly sure you just need to delete one of you flows that triggers when a snap shot is ready.
You other two flows that trigger for the doorbell and mailbox do all the hard work already.