RF433mhz signal description: 1 element array can not be used for word

I would like to make an app to replace a 433Mhz remote.
I have done the reverse engineering and found out, the word for 1 is only one constant value for 325Us.
Homey does not accept one value in signal description. Could you please help me, how could I solve this issue?

This is my signal description:

  "sof": [
  "eof": [],
  "words": [
  "interval": 10000,
  "sensitivity": 0.5,
  "repetitions": 10,
  "minimalLength": 23,
  "maximalLength": 23

This is how the signal looks like:

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried [ 325, 0 ]?

Yes I have, unfortunately 5 is the min value.

That’s annoying. Perhaps you should ask your question on the #developers channel on Slack.

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Thanks a lot Robert, I have not known this channel