[SDK3] How do I determine the 433 mHz signal of a device

I have a Byron BY doorbell, but sadly found that the developer that once created an app for these devices never published his app and did not update the app (which I totally understand, since keeping apps up to date is a pain in the ass).

I have build my first Homey app using OAuth, which I thought was quite easy to do, but I have found it is quite hard to start building an app using the 433 mHz signal range without any knowledge on the subject.

I could not find any information on the signal of Byron doorbells, except for the sticker that is on the backside of my doorbell (it just states it uses 433 mHz to communicate).

I also found a tool named Homey RF Signal Analyzer, which I managed to run using my bearer token. Sadly, I got an error, which I’ve attached below, but I think this error originated from the fact that it could not find any signals.

I was not able to properly fill in the SOF, EOF and Word length properties, since I don’t know what any of these are, and, to be honest, don’t fully understand what they mean. The Homey guid gave me a little bit of information on the subject, but I get the feeling you first need to fully understand how radio waves and 433 mHz work, before you can create a proper app for Homey. Knowledge that I could not find.

My question is: Does anyone know how (or where) to find the start/end of frame and word length properties, or does anyone have any helpful links that can guide me through the process?

The error I got from the RF Signal Analyzer

Probably @HarriedeGroot can answer your questions.

The start/end of frame are mostly much longer than the data bits.

To be honest I don’t know anymore…also noticed most of the links in the readme are dead or outdated by now.
It was created for an older version of Homey.

I built this tool a few years ago while following some kind of tutorial (dead link). I’m not an expert on the subject either. Teached myself back then to create the Novy app. Forgot the matter as fast as I could :grinning:.

Maybe this information is helpful?

Have you tried the values from the original app? com.dondorp.homey.byronby/app.json at 4ae8b476ffd42ffca9273b03c4af9beaca0b154e · erwindon/com.dondorp.homey.byronby · GitHub