Request suggestions for smart sirens

Hi everybody,

I have installed the great survellance system Heimdall and set it up with door/window sensors and motion detectors. Everything works great and now I would like to include some sirens to the system.

I cannot, however, find a list og Homey supported sirens anywhere and I wonder if someone can direct me to such a list?


For sure aeotec more specifically Aeotec Siren Gen5 and Gen6.

Also Vision sirens are supported.

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Neo Coolcam also!

Thanks to you all for your answers, that’s something to work with.

I wonder if a complete list og supported sirens exists?

You can go on home page, accessories and search for siren. Only like this.

Thanks David.

@MarcoRuiter is there a way to only switch led on off? For a alarm warning function “if alarm is set on then siren name led is on”