Replacing broken Z-wave sensor?

Hi there,

I have a broken Aeotec Multisensor 6, which just reports 30000 lumen. How do I replace this device with a new with the same brand/type without loosing the insights and having to setup all the related flows again?


Unfortunately not possible.

I’ve had “hanging” zigbee sensors. removing and readding the device fixed it. You loose all insights and flows though.

There is a “trick” to not loose flows, but not insights.

When you next setup your flows create separate flows for the device “action” and result. Then use those flows rather then directly calling the device. That way if you want to change the device or replace it you only have to add the new device to one flow.


Create flow which when triggered turns in a light. Then call said flow in all your other flows - same goes for The action part.

Sorry it’s much easier to just show you then explain i promise it’s an easy concept. However I don’t have a homey at the moment. Perhaps someone else will share a couple of flows which explain it.