Replacement for ikea panels

I’m looking for some panels for the bathroom like SMART+ Wifi Planon Plus Backlight 1000x250mm RGB + TW + RC because the ikea panels are no longer available.
The LEDVANCE are not supportet in the App :frowning: but they are cool because they have a rgb backlight too.

Warm and cold white panels, rgb stripes and rgb spots.

Somebody have a good idea?

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Hi Peter,

Is it much trouble to add a link to the example panel?

Sorry, link is now in the Post

To me the smartphone Ledvance smart app looks very much like the smartphone Tuya Smart app… (including the little red dot)
There’s a very big chance it works with the Tuya Smart app + Tuya Cloud app @ Homey



Good idea. But not supported :frowning:

Thats a bummer indeed. You can try it with the only other supported smartphone app by Tuya Cloud app: Smart Life

Wait… do you happen to use Google Home / Assistant?
Then you can control (parts of) it with Homey
Ledvance specs:

“Works with google”:

Howto (in Dutch)

it’s not working.
If i want to setup it in the Tuya Smart App i get the device is not supported

i have it in the alexa app now but how i get it now to homey?

Doesn’t it work with Smart Life?

Should be possible with the Alexa app: