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[REMOVED FROM STORE working on a replacement app]Homey TV gids (v1.0.0) beta

Homey TV gids

Adds dutch TV guide support for Homey. At the moment this project supports:

  • Trigger card that informs about a started program.
  • Trigger card that informs about a started program on a specific channel.
  • Voice command ‘What is on [[channel name]]’ (e.g. What is on NPO 1) to let Homey tell what program is currently running on a specific channel.
  • Voice command ‘Guide for [[channel name]]’ (e.g. Guide for NPO 1) to let Homey tell what program is currently running on a specific channel.
  • Voice command ‘Wat is er op [[channel name]]’ (e.g. Wat is er op NPO 1) to let Homey tell what program is currently running on a specific channel.
  • Voice command ‘Gids voor [[channel name]]’ (e.g. Gids voor NPO 1) to let Homey tell what program is currently running on a specific channel.
  • Confirmation question for a detailed description on the currently running program, to let Homey read out a detailed description of the program.
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Nice App.
I got 2 questions.

  1. Is it possible to make the Confirmation question an option which can be enabled/disabled? I don’t need the detailed description.
  2. Is there a way that homey sends a mute command before it’s gonna tell me the guide for a channel.

Hi @HansieNL,

1.) That is possible but at the moment I am considering to skip that confirmation step and make it 2 seperate voice commands one without detail and one with detail.
2.) It should be possible to create a trigger informing you about homey is being asked to read the guide on which you can fire a mute command.

Hello Jeroen,
Can’t get the muting working. I remember there’s still an open issue on GitHub Trigger-card, when homey speaks #1194 to solve this problem.
If someone has a good solution maybe it’s an idea to create a topic [HOW TO] Mute Homey when speaking.

@HansieNL I will try to find a way to get it working.

Have planned a new release somewhere next week where I will improve the channel list (sorting is weird), add a trigger for when a program is about to start, add a trigger when a program is stopping. @HansieNL cant promise anything but I will also try to split the non-detailed and detailed guide voice command to skip the confirmation question.


Is it possible for german tv?

@Tolga At the moment it only supports dutch tv, unfortunately. In the future, it might support more countries.

Sorry about that.


Jeroen van Reenen

Great work Jeroen!! This is something that I have been waiting for. When you add support for more countries (in my case sweden), I will stand first in line to donate!
When it comes to sweden, there is a big TV Guide player called www.tv.nu that can be used.

Another suggestion to enhance your app. For most channels there are usually a description of each show. It would be nice to look for a user selected key word and connect an action or a trigger to that. For instance, if I would like to see a Manchester United game, or a Ajax game (or whatever the preferences are) it would be nice to have the app looking up what channel is broadcasting the game, and have Homey to turn on TV and select the correct channel.

EDIT: The best thing would of course be to use a global tv guide that collects TV channels from many countries, but after some research this does not really exists. Some attempts have been made but they do not have all the channels.

When I put some more thoughts into this, I came up with a solution worth looking at. There are bunch of IPTV services in Europe. They provide a m3u file but also the EPG in a xml format, containing information of channels for all of Europe, US and Arabic countries. I know that you can create your own EPG (xml file) with help of different web based tools. Wouldn’t this be a great source for your app, and at the same time you will reach out to a large number of Homey users!

Let me know if I can support you in any way, I would love to do that!

This app stopped working :frowning: @Exile82 good idea if I have some time I will write an app that can use an xmltv formatted feed for tv guide info.

Terrific. Let me know if you need such file from me.
I guess that it can be pretty basic, covering a the ability to search for a certain word or string of words in the description/information of a program/tv-show and return the actual TV-channel.

I guess you can from that trigger any action you want, like telling Harmony Hub to switch to that channel at a specific time or just send a notification based on tags?

I do understand that this takes time to develop though