[APP][Pro] RTL Nieuws for Homey


RTL Nieuws for Homey

This app gives Homey the ability to respond to messages of the Dutch News sender RTL Nieuws.
Keep in mind that all messages send on this network are in Dutch.

Currently has support for:

  • :speech_balloon: Realtime notifications (don’t forget to create a flow)
  • :video_camera: Get RTL Nieuws and RTL Weer video URL, to play on a tv or other smart device

Download in the Homey App Store!

:gear: To use this app, you only need to install it and create some flows

:speech_balloon: Supported languages:

  • :us: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

:computer: Apps made by @LRvdLinden

See for more apps link below 👇🏻 or just open the pull down.


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I’m still looking for an app that reads the news via homey in the morning. Is that possible with this app?

just created for you. with the trigger card, you will be able to use the video URL tag to play the video somewhere. Download the test version here RTL Nieuws | Homey

First of all thank you for your quick response.
However, I don’t think this is what I mean.
If I understand correctly, these things work based on triggers.
I’m looking for something that reads the news when I want it.

No problem. Now have a new version with condition cards. That will contain the latest url received. Is coming soon.

This beter? you can download is now → RTL Nieuws | Homey

I like the new options but can’t make something with them that I’m looking for. example:

if: time
then: none
else: play audio (google speech url) play rtl news items)

you can do if: time, and: There is a RTL Nieuws video then: play url. but if it works. with play audio you have to try

The And option don’t have cards so that’s not possible.
Only if the Then card is the trigger it works.

You can use the conditions card and then in your action {{link}}

Thank you for app.
I now have v1.09 experimental but since I installed the app on my hp2019 still haven’t received a new item mentioned vua the app.

I have a flow to checkbon new item and try to add item to log. So far nothing added.

Do I need to configure something?

Thank you for your help

Grtz. Eric

Hi, there was a bug that broken the triggers. Version 1.0.9 will fix it.
01 Aug 2023 09:58:26 is last feed. wait till new one.



New app update (test: 1.1.0 ):

  • NEW: Added more video tokens and trigger + condition cards for RTL Z

Still no ACTION cards?

Nice app. Any way to determine “Breaking News”? I might be able to filter on title or description. But not sure how Breaking news is formated

Thanks! Will take a look for it when there is some breaking news in the feed in the future.

What for action card you looking for?

Kinda off-topic, but is this app using the RSS feed of RTL Nieuws? If so, would it be possible to create a similar app in which users can subscribe to RSS feeds of their own choice?

Yes @basvanderploeg it is.

This becomes difficult because each rss feed has different item names. This is difficult to deal with. Do you have preferences then?