Remove one button of fibaro relay switch

Not sure this is the right place where to ask.
At home I have 1 air recirculation system.
I want to add it to create flow with CO2 sensors.
I want to use a FIBARO relay switch 2 channel ( can’t find one single channel ).
I made a test and it works.
The problem is that I will always have ONE BUTTON to activate Relay 2 ( S2 & Q2) in devices list and I will not be able to use somewhere else.
Can I remove it?
What is the best procedure.
First days with homey for me
Thank you for your help

You can delete S2 separately, but if you delete S1 S2 will also be deleted. So make sure you delete S2, not S1. You can delete S2 by holding your finger for several seconds on the icon, then press the settings “wheel” (icon) and then delete device (apparaat verwijderen)


Very useful reply! Thank you so much, everything is clear now!!

I had a switch where the S2 is hooked up to a button, which when clicked off all the lights in the house.

Small Tip:
When using the red ‘Remove Device’ link, (for Fibaro 2 switch Zwave devices) Homey prompts to press the B button for removal.
Wait this prompt out without pressing the B-Button, and the S2Q2 device will be removed.