Has anyone ever used the Remotec Z-Wave Scene Master BW8510EU in combination with the Homey?
I can’t manage despite several tries at the appéré with Homey, “there is always a mistake”
This error I see in the Z-Wave TOOL…
Do you have a solution.
Remote app version 2.3.1
on Homey Pro (the ball).
News I use the app, to manage a ZXT600 without problem.
thank you for your reply

I’ve got 3 included in my Homey, so yes they definitely work.
The “Something went wrong” isn’t an app issue, the app has (pretty much) no control over the inclusion process.
What is the distance you are trying to add it?

Thank you, here I managed to install the scenario manager in fact I completely reset the buttons To return to the factory configuration. and the problem was solved. see you soon good job