Remote for 4 light bulbs, incl. on/of and dimming

Which remotecontrol is suitable for switching 4 lamps on / off and making them burn brighter and dim them?
And independently of each other.
For example, if they are on, push “on” again so that they burn 5% brighter each time i press. And also if you briefly press the “off” button that they will dim 5%. Each time pressed.
Long press “on” that the lamps will light up maximum and long press on the “off” button that the lamps go out.

This is how my Icasa zigbee remote worked but it has stopped working after a reset of Homey (PTP) (it is on an other topic) and i am looking for something else.
Who can tell me something form what kind of remote i am looking for?

From Düwi and there is a Z-Wave remote control that would probably meet your requirements, but unfortunately it is not supported.

With the Fibaro KeyFob (Z-Wave) you could also realize the requirements, but the handling is not that comfortable and you would have to remember some key combinations.
Each of the 6 keys can be configured with 5 (4) triggers. 4, because I haven’t understood the trigger “long press release” until today.
Additionally you can configure up to 6 key sequences. You can use 2 to 5 keys.
Example: Press the keys “square” and “circle” one after the other. Or „square“, „cross“ and „minus“, and so on.
The time between the keypresses is also adjustable.

This is fully supported by Homey.

Thank you. I will take a look at the KeyFob remote.

For this moment i have a similar remote from Robbshop with z-wave.
It is for 4 scenes and i have add 1 lightbulb to one scene. Buttons with I/O.
Works good for now.

Removed the remote another time, and add it again. Remove the app and reinstalled it.
PTP fot 3 times.
It still not works.

The new remote works good.


And which remote control is that exactly?

@fantross It is this one

I like the „normal“ shape.
If I understood the manual correctly, Scene Activation is also supported then, right? So it is also possible to control Hue lamps, right?

It looks like a normal remote. That is also what ik like.
I do not have Hue lights but it can activate scenes.That is what the manual says. I also do not use scenes.
I use it for now with buttons I and O.
1 short press I no 1 light A on. Another short press on I when A is on then Dim +6%. Short press on O when light is on then Dim -6%. Long press on O then light A off.
I did this for 3 light bulbs separately.

Thx for the info :+1:t3:

It is possible to do something with a scene or button but i do not know exactly how to get it to work.

The writer of the app is @TedTolboom and @Spikey
If i am correct.

What are the possibilities in the „When…“ section?
And what are the possibilities in the advanced settings of the RC?

In the WHEN there is for example this
And then there is Al groups on/of
Group 1 on/of and also group 2, 3, 4 and scene S1 and S2.
All with the possibility for short press, long press and let go (loslaten)

Advanced settings in the app.
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5

Wake up interval yes/no
Interval (sec)

RAW conf data

I asked for the advanced device settings because sometimes the Scene Activation function has to be enabled first.
The last example should work, right?

If you want to use associations you have to enter the device ID you want to control into one of the groups (2 - 6). But this only works with Z-Wave devices and they must not be included secure.

I use the function, if a scene is activated.
I have send a email to Robbshop for use of the app and the answer was that I should use the function, if a scene is activated.
So how to use, if a button is pressed is not mentioned. Maybe that is not very functional.
Scenes is for me good. Short press ON is light on. Short press ON if light is on them dim +6%… short press OFF if light is on dim -6%. Long press OFF if light is on then light off.
Long press ON if light is on then light at 100%.

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Hi @Mike1233,
I see you mentioned me as a writer of the “Robsmart” app. Although I have done some development in the past. I have not helped development of the remote you are mentioning. Also I’ve noticed that the app is no longer in public hands. At least I’m not able to find the latest codebase (I only have an old copy from a year ago) and therefor unfortunately can’t really help you.
I think you need to send an email to Robbshop to get the answers (or changes) you want.


I’m not sure if there is a remaining question.
The “a scene” card is providing the direct usage options of the button and action combination.

The “a button” card provides the tokens (local tags) that can be used for other more advanced options and debugging.

So you are using the right cards.

@Spikey I had already sent an email to Robbshop and received an answer the next day.
I had to use the “scene” function as I already did.
And that works well.
Your name was still on the list with the apps, that’s why I wrote that.

@TedTolboom I have no further questions about the app or settings.
The function “a scene” works well and does what I want with it.
The WAF is good to.
And that is also very important.

Aquara opple :ok_hand:

@MarcoRuiter Thanks.
That remote works with V5. My Homey is still on 4.2.0.
The opple remote is more like a wall switch that you can remove from the wall.
I was looking for a “real” remote.