Relay for water pipe heating cable

I have a heating cable for my external water pipe coming in to my vacation house, that I found out yesterday was not connected. I’m about to purchase a earth fault circuit breaker and a relay to be able to switch the heating cable on/off through flows. Most of my installation today is z-wave based, but also have some IKEA zigbee installations to. To my surprise I can’t find any z-wave relays for DIN mounting (in Norway) and only a zigbee product from Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN.
I’ve kind of landed on the Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 Z-Wave, which is wall mounted. I then have to go out off the power cabinet with the cables to the heating cable, so this means more work. Anyone with experience with the Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN, which is the easiest device to mount?

I just use my Devi cable with an ikea plug.

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Does it have to be 16 A? Or can it also be less?

Not sure about the heating cable spec. so I don’t take the chance on 10A, even if it problably should be OK. I only have next week to get the items I need for installation. The Aeotec Heavy Duty was sold out, so I ordered the Develco and should have it here up north in Norway by monday/tuesday

I take it the cable is something like 10 Watt per meter per hour. So unless the cable is more then 200 meters, 10A would be fine. Taken in account u have 230V. If this is nonsense @Caseda will correct me.

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It isn’t a regular heater that has 2000 Watts indeed, but kinda curious why you want to switch it off anyway, it will switch off on its own when it reaches above +/- 7 degrees celcius, and only turns on below +/- 5 degrees celcius, if lower you want it on anyway or your piping will freeze.

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I have no clue what kind of cable it is. I know it was installed around 2009. It’s about 1500km between my home and my vacation home, so I’ll safety with a 16A earth ground automat and what I could get hands on right now, which ended up being Develco device. Waiting on delivery Wednesday next week and going back home the following monday

To answer the length on the cable, around 15 meters. I think it is wrapped around the pipe, and is on/off without any temp adjustment

Lots of unsure things.

Then better get rid of it. It’s just for making sure the pipes don’t freeze, u don’t wanna warm the pipe (legionella!) when not needed. If u think u can trust Homey for not freezing the pipes or to not warm them then good luck on that. If i was u i wouldn’t take the risk.

Well, when I came up on Wednesday the pipe was frozen and I discovered that the electrician had not connected the heating cable in the power cabinet, so forget about it is a shitty advice. Regarding heating the water is another ballgame that is not an issue in this topic :joy:

Legionella aint really a problem since he is located in (cooold) Norway (Legionella thrives at around 30+ celcius)

Biofilm on the other hand is prone to present…

Anyways, if the build year is '09 its should be self “sensing” and as caseda said around 10W pr meter.

Off topic:
I use mine devi cable for heating my water matress, using an Aqara temp sensor for reference, plugged into a ikea plug :upside_down_face:

Everything is located in my power cabinet. I could of course install a chucko on the DIN, but I’ll see how it works out with the Develco DIN relay togheter with a new earth ground automate to seperate that. Everything is then neat and tidy in the cabinet and I’ll then be able to monitor the consumption on the heating cable. Might be that it will adjust accoring to temperature and I can forget about turn it on/off and just leave it on 24/7. I received everything today so it will be in place before I return back home next monday. Most exited about the support (or not) in Homey for the Develco Smart Relay