Red ring of death - in my case it was the cable

Hi, just wanted to share my recent experience: Homey charger has USB port, Homey itself - microUSB, and because in my case Homey is placed very close to the charger I replaced the cable (JUST the cable, charger remained original) with some different one… standard, typical, short micro USB cable.

Result: red ring of death. Homey not responding. :grimacing:

When I switched back to the original cable Homey went back to life and is working perfectly since then.

I’m very surprised - Is there something special in the original white cable?

I could imagine that Homey requires a USB cable that has all four lines (V+/V-/D+/D-) available. Some USB cables (“charging cable”) only have V+/V-.

No it doesn’t. I do have mine connected only to V+V- directly to power supply and it works stable. I think that Homey charger is not good enough and any other part that is not reducing its capability (e.g. cable) can lead to insufficient power provided to Homey.