Recreate one's homey configuration

I have now spent many hours adjusting my flows and apps in HOMEY so that my many technical devices in our house now work fully integrated.
I got to thinking about how to ensure that you can recreate your configuration if your HOMEY either short-circuits, becomes defective or is stolen.
I subscribe to auto backup with Homey, which makes a new backup every day but at the same time overwrites the 7-day old backup.
If one’s HOMEY suddenly becomes either defective or stolen, will all one’s backups be overwritten so that one really has no backup after 7 days?
Note that there is a 4-week waiting period to get help from HOMY’s technical department, so you must act quickly if all your data is gone after 7 days?
Is there one of you who is familiar with a method that daily (automatically) can transfer a HOMEY backup to your PC/Laptop daily via the WI-Fi network?

I can really recommend Homey’s Backup subscription. Already saved me when a Homey was faulty.

Backups are not deleted after 7 days. That is not the cue.
Only when a new backup needs that “space”.

If an 8th backup is created, the first one is deleted.

There is no possibility to write a local backup to a PC automatically. For local backups, you need to disconnect Homey from it’s power and connect it by USB to a PC in a special mode. After backup ypu have to disable that mode by powerinf it off/on in it’s normal state.


Sorry, but that’s simply NOT true, they state ‘EXPECT’, which is not the same as ‘it takes 3 weeks’.
And of course HOMEY Support does prioritize incoming issues!
Some get help the same / next business day.

Unfortunately, your comments are not correct.
I requested Homey for help on 11/10/2023.
I received help on 9/11/2023 = 4 weeks and 1 day waiting time

Thanks for your reply.
If your Homey is either totally defective or stolen, do you know the procedure for how to get the system operational again as soon as possible.
Do you have to buy a new Homey and wait up to 4 weeks for Athom to put your backup data back on the new device?

Nope, after you connect a new Homey you can restore a backup yourself right away in te setup process.
You just have to repair your Zigbee devices after you have done so.
All flows and devices are restored, you just have to reconnect the devices and they will work again like they did before.
That is not necessary for devices with other protocols.

It’s quite easy actually. But you have to have fysical access to most Zigbee devices like described above.

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done so many times here playing with Homey’s, just follow the Support article’s

Yes, and * No,
Zigbee restore should also just work, only not when Migrating data from Homey Pro (2016-2019) to Homey Pro (Early 2023)

Zigbee devices not responding after restoring a backup
Each and every Zigbee device needs to be send a repair command to start working on your new Homey Pro. To do so you can go to the device settings on the Homey Mobile App and click “Try to repair” under Maintenance. In the Homey Web App you can right-click the device tile and click repair.

Ah, true! Didn’t think of that, as I didn’t have to restore HP23 backup to a HP23 yet luckily… :wink:

Thank you very much, that was really good news. :+1: :grinning: :+1:
Of course, I hope that will never happen.

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I’m sorry to hear that, but you didn’t mention it was your specific wait time, I’ll quote you again

I was under the impression you just misread the support page message about the expected waiting time.

I also think support really doesn’t know how to respond, and you don’t have seemed to have read the backup FAQ @

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