Read current and voltage from fibaro wall plug

I have a few fibaro z-wave-plus wall plugs, those with the led rings. The work fine, very reliable. In homey your can read the actual power(watt) and energy usage (kwh). Is there any way to read the current (amps) and voltage from this wallplug ? Either by setting a custom configuration value, or by some scripting ?
Using Thingspeak would perhaps also be an option, but this would require making a link from the homey to thingspeak. Solution within homey has preference.
Any ideas and experience very appreciated.

Amp / Volt values are not available on most powerplugs (if I’m right, the Aeotec Powerplug does have them.).
Deviding the Power by the actual Voltage (230) gives more or less the Current. (On P1 of the GridPowermeters, Voltage mostly is available).