Randomised Speech from Tags

Good evening all,
I have been using Homey to trigger my sonos speakers to say something on certain events. Some examples are… if the back door is open, and the heating comes off, it says something sassy about global warming. Same with my office light.

So, this got me thinking… Can I write a bunch of intros, sassy comments, all the home auto that could trigger and all the possible sign offs and randomly pull them together using tags?

Right now, I am sat with a brain full of ideas but completely stuck as to the capability of Homey will allow this? Having done a week of the comments programmed, I am now a bit bored!

As always, sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

Do you mean that for one certain event you get randomly a sassy comment which belongs to that certain event


Personally, i have writen een private App to do this.
I use a smart watch with bidirectional speech (android watch and speech).
Speech/answers go back to rhe watch but also throughout the house through my Google Service app with Sonos.

I found, personally, the best way for a real advanced “home assistant with voice” was, to write an Homey App.

Before that, i used HomeyScript, variables, string arrays with intros, exits, questions and random functions.

But with an app, thinks become much easier.

Stuff like: good morning, good morning darling, good morning kids, those can easily be done with some if-then-else statements and/or random functions.

But it requires either a lott of cards or HomeyScripting, or an app for way easier re-usage of coding.

Yes so you could set a set of standard introductions based on time of day? Good morning/afternoon/evening and then add a random comment like user 1/ user 2/ people of the house etc.

It changes it from being 1 intro of “hello”… to a now randomly created introduction.

Not sure if i am explaining that well? Obviously if that works, it then becomes limitless in terms of putting together a set of comments for any given situation? All based on variables.

Sorry, you have this app already created? It sounds great.

Well yeah, and i still am planing on releasing the homey and android app.
But there is one thing to solve first: it needs android overlay permission to function on the android app.
Which is not a real option to release it in the Play Store.

Plus, currently, it still contains a lott of personal stuff which would have to be removed, for example, or calendars are fully integrated through the app, to contol lights and temperature based on agenda.
That kind of stuff.

So to release i’ve got a lot of work to do, and setup a good speech design so it could support other language then the current Dutch.

Well, sounds perfect for my use case so would gladly test and donate for its use.

Here is one flow example of how i used to do some stuff:

In it, i first set some Random start text.
Then collect more speech-texts (for Google Service) about filling the waterbin, or empty the normal bin, stuff like that.
Then some weather info.
After that i send the speech through the Livingroom / dinerroom systeem.

Here is an example how i now use it (sometimes, old flow):

Here the flows manage stuff like when is this triggered etc.
But the speech itself comes from the Watchman App, which in this flow is recieving a fake “speech” from my wive saying Good morging. The response that for her is send to a non-existing watch Device, i read, and then (at least in the morning when she wakes up) send that speech to the TV in our room.

But everything in it can surelly be still be done with Advanced Flows.

Good to know that people are interested, i’ll take that into consideration!

(O, in the flow, after sending the speech to a other Flow (which turnes on the TV etc.), a musicfolder is played on the TV (through URL Music PLayer) right after the weather. :slight_smile: