Questions before getting a Homey - Regarding Sonos, Hue, Modes and RF433

Hi all

I have been using Smartthings for a long time and I’m now looking to change to Homey.

Before getting this new system I have a few questions. Hope you guys can help me.

  1. I have Sonos speakers in my house.
    Can I make a Flow that plays music on a group of speakers and another Flow that only plays on one speaker (thereby ungrouping them again)?

  2. I have Hue bulbs and lamps in my home, Can I use the scenes that I made is the Hue app on Homey?

  3. Does Homey have a mode feature where you can set Home/Sleeping/Away/Manual mode and then use that in Flows as a condition?

  4. I have a few things that uses simple RF433 remotes but there are no apps for them. Can I teach Homey to send remote signals to them?

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Hi Jonathan!

  1. Yes
    In the Homey App Store you can find some (not all are listed!) possibilities of the Devices and Apps → Sonos App:

  2. Yes and no
    If you connect the Hue Bridge with the Homey App Philips Hue to Homey, then it’s possible:
    If you connect the Hue devices directly to Homey with the Homey App Philips Hue, without the bridge, you have to create the Hue light scenes yourself.

  3. Home/Sleeping/Away mode yes, Manual mode not. What do you need manual mode for? Can you give an example?

  4. I don’t know because I don’t use RF433 devices, sorry.

Based on your 4th question I assume that you have already checked the App Store to see which devices are supported. Nevertheless, I recommend that you also inform yourself in the forum. There is a forum topic for almost every Homey app. These topics often go into more detail about which devices are supported by this app and which are not.

Thanks for you reply

  1. Perhaps Home/Sleeping/Away covers all needs, nut I was thinking of a mode to disable certail Flows when having a party and the late night stuff should trigger.

This is possible with e.g. a virtual device.
You have to create a virtual device, e.g. a switch, and use this also in the relevant flows. If the party switch is enabled, the late night stuff will not be triggered or other things will be triggered, e.g. party lights.
If you enable the party switch after the party, everything will work like on a normal day again.