Question Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling Lamp

How can I connect Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling Lamp with Homey?
Did I understand correctly that I should first connect Ceiling Lam with Xiaomi Gateway and that Xiaomi Gateway with Homey?


No. Just install the Xiaomi Mi Home app and pair it as a Yeelight device.

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I go to Homey App - Devices - Add a device - Xiaomi Mi Home App - Yeelights - Install. At the last step I 5 time turn off and on the ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp is blinking and no positiv result. “No new devices have been found”
Can you please explain how to do this correctly?

I was looking for how to do this for two days, but found nothing.

This is not the correct approach. Powering it down five times just resets the bulb to factory settings. You need to follow the instructions from the app store description on how to add a Yeelight.

Thank you very very much. I did it. My first step.