[QUESTION] Making a set of flows that trigger other flows quicker?

Hey guys, just a quick update.

I wasn’t able to finish my HomeyScript to check if that would be any quicker, because I couldn’t get the part of turning on a hue scene to work, and eventually gave up…

However, I have managed to get the set from the original post quicker (0.01-0.05s)

By cheating. Or rather, I’ve implemented the idea of enabling/disabling the relevant flows, depending on a common criteria (in my case, night- or daytime). In other words, I restructured the original flow set, from one large set, to 2 smaller sets of flows - one of which is active during the day-, and the other during the nighttime.

This way the original set gets split in three (one flow for night, and two for daytime). This eliminates running through multiple flows, and the trigger is therefore almost instantaneous. Any delay experienced now is due to time Homey uses to register Hue sensor.

There are few new help-flows to control enabling and disabling of the relevant flows. They serve the purpose of all AND criterias from the original flow set.
In this example, these only run (A) when lights turn off, deciding which flow-set gets enabled, and (B) at transition from daytime to nightime. This way they do not put any extra load on Homey, which was the intend all along. If that is not a concern, this method from a post above can also be used.

If execution speed of a set of flows with many criterias is the main concern, you might want to consider enabling/disabling flows instead of having a large set of flows with respective AND criterias.

HOOP has not been tested (yet)
HomeyScript has not been tested (yet)