Question about homey and apps


I am wondering how it works with apps and a Homey pro. Do the apps install on the Homey pro, or on my phone?

You use your phone to install them on your Homey. Even settings for the apps are done on the phone.

You need a Phone (Mobile app) to install a Homey.
You can use a Computer with WebBrowser to add Homey Apps on Homey.

Alright. So the apps get installed via the phone or webbrowser, but get installed ON to the homey pro it selfs? so that everything works even when the phone from the apps get installed is not in the house, everything keeps working?

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Yes, and yes, when you have Homey up and running, you can smash your phone in theory. Not recommended though.
The only app needed to manage your Homey per your phone, is the Homey app from Ggl/Appl store.

Recently this menu was added to the web app as well :wink:

Apps are installed and run on your Homey.

Ow damn so cool. And 1 last thing. My Homey Pro won’t reach the whole house. How can i make sure it can reach through the whole house?

Which of the protocols do you mean?

It all depends on interference by other devices, like Wifi/Bluetooth/zigbee operate within the same 2.4Ghz range. Tune your channels:

Real life distances (with my Pro 2019 that is) :

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy: around 4 to 5 meters, in plain sight

  • Zigbee: 6 meters with one concrete floor in between, but you should create a mesh network. In theory you can extend the range as far as possible within the limits of Homey (for the Pro 201x white ball: 30 to 40 devices per Athom advice, but, up to 70 devices reported by one user :upside_down_face:)

  • Z-Wave: Never used it. But all info about zwave points to the fact you should put the 1st router close to Homey, and then create a mesh network

  • 433 MHz: reaches my complete ground floor, not tested how far it reaches

  • IR: does’nt work anymore, but it was able to send 4 meters here

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Awesome thank you for the information. And to create such a mesh network like you mention, i can use TP-Link Deco X50 for example?

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Homey is the zigbee/zwave controller, which create their own zigbee/zwave mesh networks, the Deco’s seem to create their own wifi mesh, which is not related to zigbee or zwave mesh

Ok. So the zigbee and zwave devices do not need that, and will create a mesh on their own, correct?