QUBINO roller shutter position - precise

Hi there,
I have qubino roller shutters in all my house and I want to set the position to 0,25 or 0,5 %. I have found out, that the app just allows me to set parameter to whole percents.
So just 0%, 1%, 2%, … 99%, 100%
0% is closed and 100% is opened.
I set parameter to 0,01 to express 1%. That works. When I go lower to 0,005, this does not work.

To explain further. There is a lot of wind in my area and the blinds just do not handle so much wind and make noise. If I open it just by little, it is better. But if I open it 1%, it opens so much the light from streetlight shines to my eyes. So I have to adjust it manualy and it really is not feasible to do every day.

Thank you for your tips and help.

BR, Miroslav

That isn’t possible and is a device limitation (or rather a Z-Wave limitation), the Z-Wave command used goes from 0 - 99 (0x00 - 0x63) where 0 = closed and 99 = opened, there are no decimals possible (or in z-wave terms “precision”) for this Z-Wave command class.

Thank you. Nevertheless, I am pretty upset. I spent thousands of euros on smart home and it does not do such simple task for me :frowning:

Well, (I think) You will have a hard time to find any electronic roller shutter that supports decimals in their percentage control (high precision) as the amount of people needing this kind of precision is pretty much negligible.

Also, it seems you’re blaming your home automation system for something that sounds like an issue with your blinds.

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No problem with the blinds. Problem is with the technology and it cannot open to desired position. I can open it manually to that position, but that is why I installed smart home in the first place.

At least here in NL it’s not considered to be normal that they make a noise in the wind when they’re down, it means the wind gets behind them which isn’t supposed to happen.