Qubino flush dimmer 0-10v to control a 0-10v servomotor with 0-10v returnsignal

I’m starting to use a 0-10v servomotor to control the flow (via a valve) in the ventilationsystem of my home. The servomotor also has a 0-10v returnsignal that reports the setting of the motor.

I’m controlling the motor with a QUbino flush dimmer 0-10v which works; I can change the valve to a specific setting.

I have everything now connected in a testsetup

The Qubino controller also has a 0-10v input, which can be connected to sensors.

It’s my first and only zwave device (all others are Shelly wifi and XIAOMI zigbee) some I’m not familiair with Qubino units (and zwave)

Can I use the Qubino 0-10v input to have the 0-10v servermotor report back the setting?

The manual states that to set the Qubino to use the 0-10v input I need to remove/readd the device on Homey to enable the sensorinput, but can someone tell me if that is going to work and what I can expect from changing the setting and connecting the servo 0-10v signal to the qubino 0-10v input?

Would it f.e. be possible to have homey check of the 0-10v motor actually successfully sets a specific value? Or get a message if not?

It would be nice (safe) to know if the valve actually goes to the desired setting.

Nobody with experience in Qubino devices that can help me out?