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Put on the vents if needed

I have a question about the use of better logic.
I want to start the vent on the heating in the living room when the new temp on the nefit easy is 2 degrees higher than the room temp.

But it is not working right, the vent are going radom on.

It would be great someone can help me.


You should trigger on change of the “Woonkamer temperatuur”, the “Ingestelde temperatuur” does not change normaly, so does not trigger the flow.

Hi @JPe4619
The trigger is now set on a change of temp op the nefit.
“De ingestelde temp is veranderd” and using the card that comes with this.
So when the nefit easy temp is on 15 degrees when comming home, and i put it to 20 better logic say’s
20 - 15 = 5
That is more than 2 degrees and homey has to start the bowers for 20 minutes.

OK, sorry, wasn’t reading the complete story,
maybe you should check things step by step,
Start to view the BL-variable “Nefit verschil” at the moment the setting is changed (Tag value in Tags drop down).