Push a button and a action happens at a given time

Hi you good and smart ppl out here :smiley:

I want that when I push a button on a hue dimmer switch, then turn on a tradfri control outlet at a given time.
eks: push the on button on the hue at feks 17.00 oclock, then the tradfri outlet turns on feks 23.00
if the button is not pushed, then nothing happens at the given time…

someone here that could help me, or point me in a direction?

So, when button is pushed between 1700 and 2300? Or did i misunderstood ur question?

not quite…
if i push the button at 17.00, then the action shuldnt start before 23.00…
or any time…
if the button is pushed at any time of the day, the action shuld happen at that give time. not instant…
did that make it more understanding??

So when button is pushed, the action should always take place at 2300 hours?

Isn’t there a wait card?

Then maybe WHEN button is pushed THEN set variable button to true.
WHEN time is 2300 AND variable=true THEN put outlet on.
WHEN time=0400 THEN set variable to false.

tnx Rocodamelshe :smiley:

i will give it a try :slight_smile:

2 and 3 can be combined:
WHEN time is 2300 AND variable=true THEN put outlet on AND set variable to false.

i needed 3, becouse i have to turn it off on a spesific time to … have made a test now :smiley:

i guess that better logic is a good app to use here? ive decided to use that anyway :slight_smile:

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I love that app! But others will say that using the build-in logic saves some apps in Homey.
I love it anyway!

i’m a reel noobie at this. but im learning :stuck_out_tongue: so its not so easy for me to se the possibilities :slight_smile:

Then this is the correct place to be. Lots of peeps offering their help.

thats how i manage to make all the fun stuff in webcore when i used smartthings. good community, and i feel the same here… if you ask for help, there is always someone helpfull here… 1 min to my flow shal trigger :smiley:

It Worked :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I know I’m late to the party here. But I will drop an alternate solution without the need for variables (and save a “flow cycle thingie” :wink: ).

When button pressed
Then enable flow2

When time 2300
Then Turn on light
Then Disable flow Flow2

After creating Flow2, you can disable it.

I found that the ability to disable and enable flows is really powerful when you have conflicting flows that need the same triggers. Like when movement detected. Instead of having conditions for different things you can just have the conflicting flow disabled when conditions isn’t fulfilled. That also saves a lot of “flow cycle thingies”.

Good luck!


That i didnt know. Soo good to know. Learning more and more, and its getting more and more fun. :+1::+1::+1::+1: