Do I need 2 flows to switch something off at 11pm and on at 7am?

I’d like to switch something off at 11pm and on at 7am via a Fibaro smart plug.
I could do this easily via 2 different flows (the first flow WHEN it’s 11pm THEN Switch Off, and the second flow WHEN it’s 7am THEN Switch on).
Is there a more efficient way to do this in one single flow?


Yes, im Advanced Flows. There you could drag 2 whencards to the Then cards.

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It can be done, a little bit error proune:

Yes @Rmb,
but only if you ensure that no one is able to switch it by any other means.
If anybody pushes the switch in between, for example as she or he needs something at 6:57 am and then is happy that it is toggled at 7 am, it would do just the opposite that is wanted.
But wonderful idea , I just would prefer the more precise variant.


In the App Advanced Scheduler you can define your scheduled switch-times. In a flow you use the triggercard “when schedule NNN is active”. That’ll trigger your flow at the predfined times.

You may also define in Advanced Scheduler tags that you can use to control the actions in your flow.

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Wonderful, this one will not get out of sync! I was looking for this solution, but didn’t find it yet.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks a lot @DirkH ! Would you mind explaining it to me with plain words as I’m not sure to fully understand everything based on your screenshot.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks @Paul_Scholte ! I try to avoid using too many “unofficial” apps (fear of bugs) but this looks like an interesting one! I bookmarked it.

If I may explain :grin:

  1. The flow runs every hour.
  2. It toggles the light only IF
    • it is 7 o’clock AND the light is off
    • it is 23 o’clock AND the light is on

So even when something gets wrong and the light is already on at 7 o’clock, the light stays on. So the flow is very robust, you might say “self healing” :grin:.

The beauty of this solution is that you don’ need a another (nested) IF statement (which is not possible in a normal flow) like:

  • IF it is 7 o’clock
    -THEN switch the lamp on
  • IF it is 23 o’clock
    -THEN switch the lamp off
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What’s Advanced Flows? It doesn’t appear to be in the app list.

What do you have? Homey online/subscription?
No Homey Pro i guess?

@Rmb Awesome. Thanks a lot!

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You can also trigger at 11PM, immediately turn it off and also turn it on, with a delay of 8 hours.


It seems as if there is a strange effect in Homey with long delays. In my case one minute was too long as it was repeated every 10 minutes.
So in case you shut down your Homey while a flow is waiting in a delay, the flow will never start until you change something and save the flow again, even if there is no effective difference.
I have no proof as I do not want to spoil my precious tool, but it was a good explanation for my effect. As some other people told about similar occasions and proposed a timer event instead I just use delay for a few seconds if the order of executing cards is essential.
So I guess an 8 hour delay is not a good idea. But yes, it would work well, if there were not that Homey bug


To my opinion the 2 different flows are the most efficient ways to do it.

If you have a lot more actions than only switching something of, you can create one flow (the one at 07:00) all the way you want. And create an other flow at 11:00 that just starts the flow at 07:00.

On my own homey, I use a virtual-switch to start an extended flow and 2 or 3 timed small flows that start the extended flow. That is because I also use the virtual switch.

UPDATE: I missed that the 07:00 action was for ON and the 11:00 was 23:00 to switch it off. That definitly asks fo 2 flows: Both the time and the action differs.

My actions are to switch off at night. Different times for different days of the week. And the virtual switch for my self when I go to bed early.

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WHEN: 23:00 o’clock
THEN: Switch Off
THEN: Switch On (with 8x60=480 minutes delay)

Sorry @Gregory I missed your question.
Is the explanation of @Rmb sufficient? If not, I would try to explain it i different words.
Best Regards Dirk