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Just noticed that my flows using “is public holiday today” all got changed to “is working day in”. They still worked just fine it seems, but i now have changed them all to “is public holiday in”. The flow cards have 2 cards that says “is working day in”.
A mixup in a recent update?, as one on those might have been my old “is public holiday today”?


Can you edit your post and share the flow direct using Athoms share a flow OR using a pasted image on the forum? I cabt seee rhe content now.

I’d suggest to disable app auto-update, to prevent surprises like this.
On the app page, you can see what happened by the “Show Changelog” link:

Screenshot from 2022-11-17 04-17-40

You can contact the developer by using the support links at the bottom of the app page

Hi, the problem is here in AND card:
The upper one is not correct, since it does not validate today (on working day).

As in app description the first one must be named “Its public holiday” not “working day”.

@balmli would you be kind and fix? many thanks!

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Thanks for reporting.

Fixed in v. 1.2.1:


Any chance you could add holidays in the United States?

Any chance you could add Hong Kong Public in your App?