International Holiday functionality missing?

I’ve started to program a schedule flow, and would like to add holidays to the mix to indicate days at home, in addition to weekends.

I’m from Norway, so I can’t directly use the Dutch or Swedish apps that are on the Homey store, and the Dutch and Christian Holiday app are not compatible for Homey 2.0 it seems. So, what are my other options here? Pick the Swedish one and hoping I don’t miss too many days off and I don’t freeze on the days off that we don’t have in common?

There’s several API’s that got tons of holiday data for most countries. It should be rather easy to create for those that know how to program I would think. Anyone have other suggestions?

there is no “global” holiday calendar but you find one for each land and year
-> norway holidays

personaly i prefer the google calendar but i dont have a link for the norway one
(here is the german one - maybe you can adjust the link for your land )

I have made the Swedish holiday app and I have on the todo list to add nordic holidays but development is going slow due to lack of time

Take a look at this, and send me a message with your email address if you want to alpha - test.

It has public holidays for a lot of different countries.


Nice app balmi! Is it possible to add a tag with the name of the Holiday that is active today/tomorrow?

Hi, Thanks,

This app has just conditions (“and”) for the flow, and have to figure out how to use tokens (tags) for conditions.


Check for v. 1.0.11 for tokens / tags.

NIce job! I will test it a.s.a.p. :slight_smile:

How can I found the bank holidays list used by the app for 2020?