Pronotation of apps

We took over an app from a developer who no longer wanted to deal with it. We have prepared SDK version 3 for the same device that the original programmer wrote it for, we will also publish it.

We have several other devices from the same manufacturer (switches, sensors, etc.) for which the app is also being developed.
My question is, what do you think is the best way for existing and future users to find the app with new features?

Pronotation…? I’m aware of what pronation is but not pronotation, neither is autocorrect. What apps?

How can I inform as many users as possible that the app has been renewed and that several devices have become compatible with Homey that were not available before?

If the apps already have forum pages then broadcast the availability and enhanced capabilities of the apps. I would make it obvious in the app store app description as well

Apps can write timeline notifications, that is a way to announce changes.

Keeping in mind that the app’s id needs to be the original so that the updated app gets installed and that the user has not disable auto updates.

THX. Its good!

When user disables auto updates I guess he/she does some investigation before installing an update.
Here’s where your idea blends in:

For users who don’t care, or who are clueless about app updates, I think they’re not going to read the forum topic, or the app page, except for when the app crashes or something. In that case, the info reaches them too late.

The problem is, imho, one can install apps per mobile app, and never see the app store page or forum topic.
There’s also no info provided at all, no links, nothing.

To me there’s an improvement possibility for Athom.