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Proliphix NT20 and NT10 thermostats

22-10-2017 1.0.1 inital commit for github and Athom appstore can read temperature average which is the local temperature if you have a NT10 can read and set threshold temperature can read heat state on off

24-10-2017 1.0.2 added nt20 thermostat, ie nt 10 with 3 temperature sensors.

27-10-2017 1.0.3 replaced svg files with professional ones

05-11-2017 1.0.4 made a superDevise from which nt10 and nt20 device is inherited from now, first tryout in sdk2 switched to http min request with promise from request from http deleted the use of module util because this.log works good in sdk2

07-11-2017 1.0.5 forgot to add http-min dir

08-11-2017 1.0.6 fixed a bug that caused thermstatsetbackheat to be copied frm other device

11-11-2017 1.0.7 fixed bug dat crashed te app at startup