Problems with BleBox WLightBox

I have my Homey since two weeks and all moved all my devices from my Devolo HomeControl and integrated my HueBridge and implemented the functionalities with the flows equivalent or better than before and am really excited.
Now I want to integrate a Blebox wlightbox. Into the WLan integrated it is. A short test strip I have connected, via the web interface I can control it without problems, as well as via the app.
The integration in Homey does not work.
I select the wLightBox in the BleBox app from Homey, enter in the dialog the IP address that the device has in my network, in which the Homey is also registered:
and get the error message:
x wrong device type: wLightBox
Am I doing something wrong, or does anyone have an idea/tip where it could be stuck?

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I’ve got the same problem. I wonder someone could help us with this one.
Shutterboxes and Dimmers are working good.

I have the same problem does anyone know the solution?

Just install the test version of the BleBox App. It uses the more recent API version, which your wLightBox uses I think: BleBox | Homey

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works, thank you :slight_smile: