Problems adding Mysensor devices


Really new to Homey (day 2) but starting to get the hang of things. With my previous controller I used MySensors to control arduino relays (a 8-channel board). I found out that MySensors is also supported through a third party app for Homey and I’ve tried to get it working but I think I’m missing something. If anyone out there has some insight I would be most greatful. This is the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Install the Mysensors app. No problem.
  2. Configure the app with the ip and port of my mysensors ethernet gateway. Checking the app log and I see that first there are log entries related to the app not being configured (like mqtt_host of null -> not using mqtt, I use the ethernet gateway), but after that it’s a mix of Gateway startup complete and pairing, initPair and GC Called. So, OK so far I guess.
  3. Go to Devices -> press + to add a new device -> select Mysensors and see that MySensors Driver has a red triangle on it and I can’t do anything with it.
  4. Restart Homey.
  5. Repeat step 3 but now the red triangle is gone and I can press the Mysensors Driver button.
  6. I get a popup saying “ This action will install Mysensors Driver” and a big green button “Install” which I click.
  7. New popup “Add your sensor” with a big blank white box which only contains the text “You may close this window.”
  8. Can’t move forward, only thing I can interact with is the back arrow next to the heading “Add your sensor” so I click that and go back apparently without being able to add the device…

I’ve tried rebooting the Homey and repeating steps 5-8. I’ve also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Mysensors app. Then I get to do steps 1-8 again. :slight_smile: I’ve also tried rebooting my ethernet gateway.

Note; my old controller is still connected to the mysensors ethernet gateway as well. I don’t see how this should matter, but please tell me otherwise if it’s so.

Is it me; am I missing something, or is the app currently broken? Any help to be found for this issue?

Otherwise pretty impressed with the Homey so far!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!