Problem with reinstallation of Homey on a new network

I was forced to change hubs by my ISP . This entailed new hub credentials and then reinstallation of Homey on to the wifi which has turned in to a full-size disaster!
I have put the Homey in to recovery mode and then followed the instructions to install to the new network. I get as far as typing in the double-checked password several times, which turns the LED ring blue before announcing that ‘it cannot connect’. Any ideas where I’ve gone wrong? The PW is known to be correct as it is the one used to connect the phones to wifi.

Probably the default pw is “too exotic” for Homey.
Temporarily change it to, say, 12345, to see if that is the case here.

Why not set the same wifi SSID and pw to the ones you had with the previous modem/hub?

Did you create separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi network SSID’s?

Do you use extra Access points?

Thanks for the suggestions Peter but the problem turned out to be the WiFi on the new hub. I had failed to disable 5GHz and had totally forgotten about this ‘feature’ on Homey! Doh!
Thanks for your quick response

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