Problem with Aqara roller Shade Driver (solved)

Thank you for your help, I had figured it out anyway but much appreciate your help!

Can I leave them in the Aqara app as well as add them to Homey?

Just for the record, blinds 1 & 3 have stopped working at different times, I have them grouped so signal should hit them all around the same second, but first day, blind 1 hadn’t moved to go up, and the next day it was blind 3, any help?

Hello Kai
have them working nicely now, sunrise sunset its beautiful :wink:

Hello, I had same issue, after update the firmware (with aqara stick), I can see the level of battery.
Unfortunately, I suppose it have a battery issue because under 45% of batterie, it’s impossible to operate the roller :frowning: he is like without life, even if I push the reset button or try to reload the battery.
The only way I fount it is to open it, unplug and plug the battery and the roller became to the life

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One (of the 6) E1 here acts as if the battery is low: it will only move tiny bits unless helped by hand.
Battery indicates 95% in homey.

Reset, battery disconnect, nothing changed it :person_shrugging:t2:
Not sure if the LiPo battery can be measured directly? It has 3 terminals, + - and…?

I happened to have a spare unit, works fine in its place, so i have no hurry to resolve this issue.