Hello everyone, did anyone have any problems with pairing XIAOMI sensors on Homey?
From the specifications of the HOMEY app they would be compatible, but in the pairing phase, nothing happens except the timeout. I tried as indicated, every 5 seconds put them back together but nothing happens. While for Aquara temperature sensors no problem. So although they are apparently the same, (aquara and xiaomi) it is not quite so. Thank you

What did the trick for me was to start the pairing, wait for the search screen, then set the sensor in pairing mode, end short-press the sensor every two seconds. Note that the pairing only succeeded when the sensor was within 30cm of Homey in my case.

Ciao, ti ringrazio per la risposta, ho provato ma non si accoppia in nessun modo. Possibile che i prodotti marchiati Mi e non aquara non siano compatibili? Grazie

Ehm… can we keep it in englisch please :grin:


There is also a italien part on the forum, if you want to ask things in your own language

Ti ringrazio, ho già fatto ma non mi ha risposto nessuno… :pensive: