Problem connecting Doorbird via Doorbird app on Homey

I have installed the Doorbird App on my Homey.
When i want to add the doorbird device it finds it with its ip adress.
Then i enter the username and password for this device and then it comes with the update notification screen. When i press next i get: Error. Cannot read property áddress’of undefined.

I have a Doorbird D2101V cable connected to the network.
Everything works fine with the Doorbird android app on my phone.

Can you please help me?

Alfred Zuidema


Hi Alfred

Same here. Did you get an answer to that?


Same here, still no answer ?

Did you ever get this to work? I’m having the same issue

It still doesnot work for me.

It still does not work for me, i had zero response on my question.

Same here , still not possible to Connect .

Any advice ?


After filling in your user data (username and password) in the homey app (to add the doorbird) there is a button “continue” (resulting in the error “Cannot read property áddress’of undefined.”) . However, if you fill in your data and then scroll down you will find a button called “login”. By pressing that (instead of continue) I got my homey to pair with doorbird, it’s now available in my Homey App