[APP] Doorbird can not connect / Wong IP


My doorbird is connected with kabel, I can retrieve info with [1],
unfortunately the Homey App tries to connect to a different IP adres. [2]
Can I set the adres manually?

Thank You.

// 20201203161838

“BHA”: {
“FIRMWARE”: “000128”,
“BUILD_NUMBER”: “15961006”,
“WIFI_MAC_ADDR”: “1CCAE37180E3”,
“DEVICE-TYPE”: “DoorBird D101S”


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THis was reported by another user some time ago as well: [APP] DoorBird . His solution was to reinstall the app. Not sure if he ment the Homey DoorBird app or the DoorBird smartphone app.

If that does not work you should contact the DoorBird company about this. Appearently your DoorBird is broadcasting a different IP address in it’s mDNS broadcasts which is use by the Homey app for DoorBird. That should not happen and hopefully they can explain how to fix it.

And in case you havent yet, you could try a reboot of the DoorBird first.

Thank You Phuturist,

I got it working, deleted the app, re-installed and it picked the correct adres.