Powunity app- Biketrax and webhooks

Hi there, please i have a Ebike with Powunity gps tracking. The Powunity allows to send webhooks to a smart home system - see picture. Any one can help me if it’s possible to connect it to homey to receive the webhooks for some flows?

You need to install the Webhook Manager app

You can use use the Logics ‘a webhook has been received cards’.
It works with GET requests, I don’t know if it works with POST requests.

The URL is different for the Homey Cloud and Homey Pro


The Logic cards only work with GET requests (Homey doesn’t conform to proper webhook convention), but the screenshot in OP’s post state that the system works with POST requests.

Yup, I noticed that.

A question, Robert, while I’m no expert here.
Now I have a tool called ‘HTTP Shortcuts’, which can send different types of http requests, with POST amongst them.

Now this webhook does get processed by Homey cloud:

Any thoughts?

What’s interesting, with Homey Pro it indeed doesn’t work:

… failed with status code 404 (Not Found).
{"code":404,"error":"not_found","error_description":"Not found: POST /api/manager/logic/webhook/post"}

The same URL using GET works as expected.

connect.athom.com is home made by Athom, homeycloud.net is using AWS’s infrastructure, perhaps that’s the difference.

Seems logical, Robert.
So @Tomas_Severa, I would say, if you use Homey Cloud (free to use with max. 5 devices) you can give it a go.
Edit: And then from Homey cloud you can send an http GET request to Homey Pro :wink:

Thank you boys, i will try it. I’m not familiar with these settings I hope I can do it.
Thanks once again

This app can also process POST requests

I updated the firmware of the GPS tracking.
Now there appear this.
It seems it works with GET and POST
So what should I now use please?

Use GET I’d say

Hi Peter, the Guard an Unguard works now thank you for help.
Can you help me how to use the status in a flow? I would like to ask the Ebike how is the status.

This might be what you’re looking for, Tomas:

Great i working now. Thank you

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