Power Plug Help

Hallo there i am strugling with a flow. I have a innr powerplug in my bedroom that measures energy.

What do I want, I want if I put a stekker in the powerplug than shut down my house. When I take it out start up my house. I made a flow but the problem is , that the flow keeps repeating… Can somebody help me ?

Flow 1

Flow 2

This is not enough. Your energy usage changes all the time, so it works continuously. Use it with a timer for example. Look at the motion flows.

True thats the problem… i understand i will look at it

Just put a extra card “disable flow 1,” in the “then” part of your first flow.

Then make a second flow.

When. Energie is changed
And. Energie is 0
Then. Enable flow 1, set boelean true

Thanks you i wil try it out !

Like this you mean @RoyWissenburg

Not sure about the flow, because in the second flow you plug in the Phone or out??? but the idea is good

Then the phone in and the house shuts down

So it start using energie… so must there have a value higher then…

I see it energy must be bigger than 4