Possible to add "somewhone ringed" to NUKI app?

Would love to have the Trigger “somewhone ringed” whintin the NUKI app. The Nuki opener should have the signal…

I use the Nuki app from the community store that is a direct on Homey app and there is someone called to flow card.

I also use the Nuki app from the community app store and it works fine.

If you want to have this trigger in Athoms Nuki app, you have to ask Athom for adding this trigger via support request.

I‘m using the Nuki App from Athom and have done it with a bridge callback to Homey and the HTTP request flow cards App.

Nuki Bridge callback: http://homey-ip/api/app/com.internet/whitelist/nuki

Thank you very much. Works like a charm